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Applying Bathroom Towel Racks in Many Design

Bathroom towel racks are coming in many stunning designs right now. You might need to concern with many things if you are remodeling or building a bathroom. It is because there are many details that you should concern, including the towel rack. You will never get confused anymore of what you should put in your […]

The Variations of Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom sinks have some various choices as it has been suited with the development of the design. Nowadays, you will mostly find them in modern design. It is known that modern design come out in so many attractive shapes that make the bathroom look so good. Hence, you can’t be more confused with the choice […]

Bathroom Floor Cabinet for Small Bathroom

Bathroom floor cabinet can be furnished in the small bathroom as it fits for it. The size of this furniture will not take so much space in the use. This can be applied if you think that you don’t need toomuch stuff to store in your bathroom. Hence, your small bathroom will not be disturbed […]

Shabby Chic Bathroom as Women Bathroom

Shabby chic bathroom is very suitable to apply in a single women bathroom. The concept of shabby chic itself reflects the sweet sides of women. The use of colors that fills the bathroom blends together with the design in classic and elegant look. This concept is highly recommended to those who want to remodel or […]

The Idea of Custom Bathrooms

Custom bathrooms can be found in many sources, like in magazines or home design blogs. Actually, having a custom design for your bathroom will make more satisfaction of you. If you have so many ideas to be applied, it is better to make it true. Moreover, if you have a large bathroom, it will be […]

Giving Sweet Look for Bathroom with Turquoise Bathroom Accessories

Turquoise bathroom accessories will give a sweet touch to your bathroom sink. Turquoise is a color which is very suitable to be applied in the bathroom. It is because the color is similar to the nature of water. Actually, you may find them in many designs like the modern design to enhance your bathroom. Sometimes, […]

Installing Lighted Bathroom Mirror to Make the Bathroom Sink Attractive

Lighted bathroom mirror can be installed on your bathroom that will enhance the bathroom cabinets all over. It gives a little touch to the mirror that is applied together above the sink. This idea can be applied to your bathroom as it may minimize the lighting on your bathroom. No matter how big your mirror […]

White Bathroom Vanity for a Simple Bathroom

White bathroom vanity is still the most wanted vanity in this day. White makes people easy to fall in love with. White is the best color to show the classy, simple and delicateness. Moreover white is a safe color. It can be matched with other color to get a different vanity design. A bathroom vanity […]

Bathroom Space Saver for a Small Bathroom

Bathroom space saver is the best idea for the smaller bathroom. As the name suggests – space saver – it will save the space and make the small space become a useful space. The small space can be changed into the most favorite space in the bathroom. It happens to more than 50% people in […]

Cool Vintage Bathroom Sinks

Vintage bathroom Sinks have their own fans. Vintage is an everlasting theme and style. People who love a vintage style are people who are really in love with anything about vintage including the decoration detail. Talking about the decoration is talking about the item inside the room. Sink in the bathroom is a small component […]