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Bathroom Space Saver for a Small Bathroom

Bathroom space saver is the best idea for the smaller bathroom. As the name suggests – space saver – it will save the space and make the small space become a useful space. The small space can be changed into the most favorite space in the bathroom. It happens to more than 50% people in […]

Cool Vintage Bathroom Sinks

Vintage bathroom Sinks have their own fans. Vintage is an everlasting theme and style. People who love a vintage style are people who are really in love with anything about vintage including the decoration detail. Talking about the decoration is talking about the item inside the room. Sink in the bathroom is a small component […]

Futuristic Contemporary Bathroom Mirrors

Contemporary bathroom mirrors could be the most essential items in modern houses. It is essential because modern mirror will enhance the appearance of the bathroom, and make it more dramatic. It is actually possible for a modern house to install classic bathroom mirror, yet it will not match to other overall element within the house. […]

Choosing Corner Cabinet Bathroom

Corner cabinet bathroom is quite famous nowadays because of its great functions. The more demands create too vast range of options for people to choose the cabinet, and it definitely makes people confused to choose between them. There is basically no rule of thumb in choosing bathroom cabinet, yet there is always a guideline for […]

Cute Bathroom Corner Cabinet

Bathroom corner cabinet is probably the most suitable furniture piece in the bathroom. There are many reasons why it is a great furniture solution in a bathroom. Firstly, it is simpler than standard bathroom cabinet. Designed to stick in the corner, it has capability appear smaller than other furniture in the bathroom. Its simplicity is […]

Slate Bathroom for Modern Look

Slate bathroom is actually quite cool solution for those who do not want to have standard bathroom. Typically a bathroom is separated by brick wall in which it is covered with paint, vinyl, or wood. Those coverings are quite common, and changing it into stone or slate is definitely a great choice to avoid mainstream […]

Sparkling Purple Bathroom Accessories

Purple bathroom accessories are quite common nowadays. It happens for various reasons, and Marie Stellar in Breaking Bad may be responsible for this as well. Apart from that, purple is a color that is unusual, unique, and exclusive. Such deep meaning may be the most reasonable reason why purple items are quite favorable or preferred […]

Smart Space Saver Bathroom

Space saver bathroom should be implemented for smaller houses. The main reason is obviously for minimizing land usage just for bathroom only. When there is not too much allocated space for bathroom, it is necessary to find a way to save space for gaining maximum comfort despite of the size. There are actually some basic […]

Getting Know about Nautical Bathroom

Corner sink bathroom may not as famous as other concepts such as western, faux, and other themes. However, it is actually a very cool and neat idea that you should know and try. The basic element of this idea is color. Blue and white are the main combination of this theme, and it cannot be […]

Practical Corner Sink Bathroom

Corner sink bathroom is commonly found in tighter bathroom. Even though its shape and size are not quite different from standard sink, it can give additional spatial impression towards people. Thus, it really makes a small bathroom appear more spacious despite of the fact. Even though it is really practical for smaller bathroom, bigger bathroom […]